Sunday, 21 September 2014

WEDDING: Pinterest Heaven.

As any Brides or Brides to Be will tell you - Pinterest is FULL of inspiration and ideas for your wedding. It's actually full of inspiration for all aspects of life but we'll focus on weddings today. I used Pinterest a lot throughout this whole wedding planning process and it was the source of a lot of ideas we had at our wedding and ideas we decided against. It's so helpful and that fact that it's free makes it one of the best wedding planning tools you can use! My Pinterest link is here, if you're interested in following me and/or browsing all of the beautiful wedding pictures I've pinned over the past year. You can really get a good feel for our wedding from the 'Wedding Inspiration' board, if you're curious about the style we planned our wedding around...

Everyone brings their favorite picture with the bride or groom. What a lovely idea and totally adaptable.

Signature cocktail sign at reception. Captured By: Adriana Klas Photography --->
A Gown From The Vintage Wedding Dress Company for a French Vintage Inspired Celebration... / wedding / tipi Stunning Tents
James and Jade’s Magical Woodland Wedding by Mark Tierney
46 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas
Vintage Wedding Decor; the blue vases is what makes is
DIY window pane wedding seating chart; For wedding ideas and creative products visit
971028_528058627229404_476737185_n.jpg 427×640 pixels
How to Style your Tipi Wedding or Event | Moodboard Inspiration

Which style wedding would you go for?

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Monday, 1 September 2014

JEWELLERY: 77 Diamonds

When Tom got down on one knee in St. Ives, back in May 2013, the emotions were overwhelming. All of the thought he had put into making it perfect, the kind words he said, the stunning ring he proudly presented while down on one knee. For Tom the engagement ring was such an important part of the proposal, he wanted to get the most perfect ring and little did I know but he had actually listened to everything I had said about engagement rings in the past. It meant (and still means) so much. I had always said that I would love a square diamond and for the ring to go inwards towards the diamond (if that makes sense?) Other than that I had no expertise in diamonds or engagement rings, I didn't want to know too much as it was always going to be Tom's decision. He has since explained that he searched the high street and internet for the most perfect engagement ring, he wanted a place that had exquisite customer service, was somewhere extra special and had the ring he wanted for the right price.
This is when he came across 77 Diamonds, a London based company that offer the most beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery. They sell a lot on their website but they also have a showroom in Mayfair, where you can see the rings and diamonds. I didn't realise, but at 77 Diamonds, when you buy an engagement ring you choose the diamond separately to the design of the ring. How special? Tom went for a meeting at the showroom (I obviously didn't know this at the time, as he works down in London a lot) to choose the diamond that was going to be put into the engagement ring.

He told me a funny story of how he was passed a diamond in between a set of tweezers and he dropped the diamond on the floor! Awkward!! Luckily he found it again and he didn't have to pay thousands for the lost diamond. As far as I understand, the diamond is the more expensive part of an engagement ring. Tom went for a princess cut diamond, exactly what I wanted, and the delicacy style ring. This style ring goes in towards the diamond - exactly what I had always hoped for. I can't express how lucky I feel everyday that Tom listened and choose the most perfect engagement ring you could every imagine. That's partially thanks to 77 Diamonds too, for offering exactly what I had always dreamt of for a price that Tom could afford. Now, I obviously don't know how much my engagement was but it's perfect and that's all I need to know.

Fast forward to over a year later and I've started the search for the perfect wedding ring. As Tom was the ring expert in our relationship I went to him for advise on the type of metal I should get and the style. My best friend, who is married, said that she decided to get a wedding ring that was the same width as her engagement ring. After trying on a number of wedding rings I decided I also wanted to do that, so I went onto the 77 Diamonds website and quickly got caught up in looking at all of the beautiful rings and jewellery. I found out that my engagement ring was about 2mm wide, so my hunt for a 2mm ring began. I kept looking in high street shops but I just couldn't find anything that I really liked, thought looked nice next to my engagement ring and wasn't hundreds and hundreds of pounds.
I kept going back to the 77 Diamonds website, their classic wedding ring section had such timeless designs for such reasonable prices compared to the high street. I needed to have a 18K White Gold wedding ring because that's what my engagement ring is. The 1477 Court design matched the Delicacy engagement ring design perfectly, as they were both more flat. The Light Depth also matched my engagement ring so well, it was a match made in heaven. I did all of this online but I could have gone to their showroom, I just don't go to London all that much and the images on their website are so clear and helpful. I didn't feel the need to see the ring in real life and it made the whole process a lot easier, especially as we have been so busy every weekend on the run up to our wedding. There's not been any free time to just wander around the high street! I finally decided to get the 18K White Gold, 1477 Court, Light Depth Classic Wedding Ring* from 77 Diamonds. Best of all it was around £200 cheaper than similar ones on the high street and it's more perfect than those, I'm so happy with it!
Then this arrived on my doorstep - what beautiful, extra special packaging?

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* I received a discount but as usual my opinions are completely honest.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

LIFE: We're married!

Firstly, I'd like to say sorry for the blog content being a bit sparse recently, it's been an incredibly busy month! The most important, and exciting, part of the last month was the moment Tom and I became husband and wife. Our wedding day was overwhelming, memorable and eventful - everything we hoped for and so much more. I wish I could sit here and write every little detail of our wedding day, after all you have all been part of the run up, but it was such a blur. I think if you ask any Bride and Groom to tell you about their wedding day they'll say how much of an overwhelming blur it is. In the space of 12 hours you feel every emotion going, you smile until your cheeks hurt, you say 'thank you for coming' more times than you care to remember, you are overwhelmed by everyone's love and generosity, you can't believe everyone has come from far and wide just for you two and you just can't believe that all of those plans have come together to create such a lovely wedding day. I'm telling you, all of that in 12 hours is exhausting!

After our magical wedding day the whirlwind didn't stop, we then jetted off on our honeymoon. We went to New York and Mexico over a two week period, which was just incredible! If these past three weeks have taught me anything, it's just how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have my family and friends, how lucky I am to have my husband by my side, how lucky I am to be able to have the wedding of our dreams, how lucky I am to go on such an amazing honeymoon. I really am so grateful for all of this.

We haven't met with our wedding photographer yet but I have a couple of photo's from the guests that I thought I'd share with you...

I will be back blogging regularly soon, just after we sorted out all of the 'jobs' we left behind when we went on our honeymoon.

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Monday, 25 August 2014


This is the eighth and final edition in the 'photography inspiration' series and it's concentrating on the finer details. Carefully thought out decorations really make a difference to a wedding, so it's important they are captured by a lens too.

The Finer Details Edition...
Wedding Menu Wrapped Napkin

I like the message with this, so often we see the wedding as the end of the fairy tale, when really it is just the beginning!
I love this look, candles in glass lanterns and flower bouquets on the end of the isles. This is so romantic!
DIY Polka Dot Envelope Liner - Such a simple idea to add that special touch.
Hay bale sofas. Such a great idea! For outdoor parties,gatherings or a wedding! Love it!
Chill fun is always found in the outdoors, why not make it even better with a photobooth? #outdoor #wedding #photobooth

A Whimsical and Romantic Garden Wedding
{Engagement Shoot} Rustic Broadbeach Picnic | Confetti Daydreams - Vintage glass lantern, old novels and scrabble tiles used to create a rustic picnic setting ♥ #Engagement #Rustic #E-Shoot
Stain a wooden pallet to get a wonderfully rustic (and cost effective!) menu, program, or "no seating plan" sign!
Mr. & Mrs. cake forks for weddings vintage silver plated flatware
A tall step ladder hold the seating plan and quirky trinkets.
Weddings and Scrabble: Love Letters!  tipi wedding inspiration loved by
wedding drink ideas #lemonade #weddingceremony #weddingchicks

(Photo Credit)
A Quirky & Rustic Fun Tipi Wedding ~ UK Wedding Blog ~ Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
(Photo Credit)
DIY “Smore Love” – Wedding Favors.
(Photo Credit)
Ooooh love this!! Better start makin brad drink his beer from bottles!
(Photo Credit)

Are the finer details important to you too?

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This is the seventh edition in the 'photography inspiration' series and this post is focusing on the stunning flowers at weddings. Not only are there some beautiful flower displays below but also the sheer range of flowers is incredible. I love having fresh flowers, there's just something about the smell of fresh flowers paired with the summer that just makes me happy. 

The Flower Edition...
Could easily DIY this. Love just the lace and ribbon around the jar. With royal blue and gray/silver ribbon. Lace mason jar vases - large quart size - set of 12. $60.00, via Etsy.
The Bride's Diary - DIY: Teapot Flower Arrangement How-To
Bushels of Spring Flowers - on #SMP here: Erich McVey Photography -

Wedding table styling
Vintage-garden chic Wedding Decor  Wedding Photos by Revival Photography Shuford House and Garden Weddings in Hickory North Carolina Photos Arrangements by Kahly Antal
Outside wedding
(Photo Credit)
DIY Wedding the queen anne's lace.  I thought a wild flower bouquet would be awesome.
(Photo Credit)
(Photo Credit)
Ooooh love this!! Better start makin brad drink his beer from bottles!
(Photo Credit)
Baby's breath in blue mason jars -- super cute and inexpensive centerpieces for a rustic wedding baby shower or bridal shower!
(Photo Credit)
Vintage Wedding Decor; the blue vases is what makes is
(Photo Credit)
(Photo Credit)
Rustic wedding ideas! I LOVE these centerpieces! Keywords: #rusticweddings #rusticweddingideas #rusticweddingtablecenterpieces  #inspirationandideasforrusticweddingplanning #jevel #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:
(Photo Credit)

Which are your favourite flowers?

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