Monday, 20 October 2014

BEAUTY: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

I know that the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm is already spoken about so much in the beauty blogging world but it really is  a top quality product. I was prompted to buy it after seeing Liza from Glambeautys using it in one of her YouTube videos. The only highlighter I had really used previously was the Benefit High Beam, which is a cream highlighter and therefore applied in a completely different way.

I ordered this from feelunique for £16, so it's definitely a pricey product but the quality is just outstanding. The pigment, oh the pigment of this product is just incredible. Never have I come across a product where a gentle press into the powder will leave the prettiest golden shine on your finger! You need the tiniest amount, trust me.

When I first got this product I used it like a 'normal' less pigmented highlighter - cue enough glittery shine to start my own disco. I use a No7 Mineral powder brush, dab it into the powder a couple of times (no swirling around the pan) and brush it along the tops of my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. I find that I get the perfect amount of highlight for me if I then apply a matte blusher over the top, using the same brush. It just makes the highlighter slightly more wearable for the day! I wouldn't bother at night. It's also perfect for highlighting your brow bones too. 

If you haven't tried this highlighter yet then you really should, it's incredible! In fact when we went away for my hen do my friend was so impressed with it she now has one too.

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Helen x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

WEDDING: Totally Tipi

As you might have noticed in the 'We're married' blog post (see here) we decided to have a tepee as the 'venue' for our wedding. Like a marquee you have to have somewhere to put a tepee, which can be one of the biggest hurdles, especially if you don't have a very big budget. There are farmers that will allow you to rent a field, but then you need to factor in the cost of toilets, generator, catering tent etc. It soon adds up! Tepee companies will also have a list of venues that have worked with in the past who will allow you to put a tepee on their grounds. If you decide to have a tepee you do need a certain level of patience and dedication, but it's really worth it!

Luckily, Tom has played golf at a village golf club in Lincolnshire all of his life, so we were able to organise the tipi to be placed on the practice ground there. When choosing a location you need to ensure that the ground it as flat as possible, which of course anywhere in Lincolnshire is! So, we found a location now to find a tepee company we wanted to have for our wedding. There was an event in Sheffield last summer, a pop up restaurant in a tepee - perfect for actually seeing what a tepee looked like in real life, as well as talking to a tepee company. When we arrived the tepee's were even better than we had ever imagined, they really are magical. The tepee company there was Totally Tipi, we spoke to a couple of their very friendly staff while we were there and just knew that they were the perfect company for us (and for anyone who wants a tepee!). Fast forward a year and a lot of very helpful and friendly emails backwards and forwards, we arrived on the day the tepee's were being set up for our wedding. I'd highly recommend watching the tepee's being put up if you can because it just adds more magic to the whole situation. I can't recommend Totally Tipi enough, the service was constantly impeccable, Laura and Jay (founders) were so friendly and accommodating - nothing was too much hassle. They are such a perfect example of exemplary bespoke customer service. If you're even thinking of having a tepee, for a wedding or any other event, then you must check out their website!

The magic continued on our wedding day, as all of our guests were completely overwhelmed by the tepee's. I'll let you into a little secret, if you have a tepee you can get away with having rustic/minimal decoration inside, as the tepee does all of the 'wowing'. Our wedding was very DIY, we did most of it ourselves and I think that was only possible because the tepees are just so beautiful all by themselves. We had two tepee's attached to each other, in the middle of one we had a dance floor and in the other we had a fire pit (cue roasting marshmallows around the fire at 11pm). Totally Tipi have a lot of extras you can add in to your tepee and compared to other tepee companies they are very reasonably priced too.

Thank you to Totally Tipi for helping to make our wedding day so magical!

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Helen x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

BEAUTY: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blush in Flush

I'm not quite sure how and when I came across the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher but boy am I'm glad I did! I have been a fan of liquid blushers for a long time, as I always found that solely using a powder blusher would never last the whole day. I used to use the 2true Cheek and Lip Tint on my cheeks, before applying powder etc. I thought that it was the perfect cheek tint and I wouldn't find anything better.

 I was wrong. 

The Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blushers are incredible at creating a natural flushed look that really does last all day and a bit longer! I bought this with my wedding in mind but having never tried it before, it was a bit of a risk. I did the typical blogger research, reading blog post reviews, watching YouTube videos etc and decided it was worth the £14.50 splurge. 
I was then faced with the tough decision of which shade to choose, there were so many on the feelunique website. So once again I headed to the internet to look for swatches, I knew I wanted a fairly red/pink shade, as I like having rosy cheeks. After a lot of deliberation I settled on 'Flush', a pinky red shade. I'm so pleased with my colour choice, as I think some of the paler shades wouldn't have given me that rosy cheeks look I personally like. 

What I really loved about this product is it's texture and build ability. I pop some of the liquid onto the back of my hand and using my fourth finger I dab it in and apply in circular motions on to the apples of my cheek. It goes from a liquid to soft and powdery. Some days I'll then want to build up the colour a bit more, for instant on my wedding day I wore a couple of 'dabs' on each cheeks as I wanted it to show up on the photographs. 
Its just such an easy product to work with and he results really do last all day long, even stressful/busy days like a wedding day!

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Helen x

Monday, 29 September 2014

WISHLIST: Autumn Home Accessories from notonthehighstreet

Making a house a home is always a personal target of mine. I love the home Tom and I have created together but as we rent at the moment we can't really make the house completely our home. There's the usual rental restrictions - limited number of items on the wall, can't change wall colours, carpet colours and everything has to be just as when you moved in. Completely understandable as you are in someone else's house at the end of the day but it doesn't stop a girl dreaming about what her perfect autumn house would look like....


Oh the dream continues...

Do you like to make you home/bedroom all cosy for autumn?

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

LIFE: Honeymoon in New York and Mexico #1

After we got married earlier in August we then jetted off for our honeymoon in New York and Mexico. When we were thinking about our honeymoon we spent a long time deliberating about where to go, Tom really fancied a safari but I was too scared! After a lot of travel brochures and internet searches we settled on America and Mexico. I spent ages looking into the best place to fly as a 'via' point between England and Mexico and settled on New York. The direct flight to Mexico was just so long and as I don't particularly like flying we decided it would just be too much. Having said that, our final holiday included eight, yes EIGHT flights! Top Tip for any travellers - don't have that many flights in a two week period if you're not a fan of flying. That part of the holiday was truly testing and I was on the edge of panic attacks multiple times, the confined space and aeroplane 'air' was just too much. However, (and not surprisingly) I survived all of the flights and the final destinations made the flights worth the stress!
We decided to book all of the different parts of our honeymoon ourselves, partially because that's how my family have always done holidays so it's what I 'know' but also because of the complicated nature of our honeymoon. We flew from London Heathrow to Dublin, then Dublin to New York JFK on the first day of our holiday. This was all fine and didn't involve too much waiting around, we had just enough energy to do a small amount of exploring in New York once we arrived. That was after a scary taxi journey - New York taxi's are not for the faint hearted - forget the highway code, everyone beeps at everything and anything and those little yellow taxis can pack some speed when there's a small space in traffic. It's all part of the New York experience I'm told. We were staying in Little Italy, which is in the south of Manhattan. Our hotel was The Nolitan, which was stunning, very modern and our room had beautiful views of the New York skyline. The customer service was very good, we even received a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine as it was our honeymoon! We stayed in a Corner Room with City Views, which includes a fair amount of space (hotel rooms are usually pretty small in New York, as space is money), bath, desk and two full length windows. It was lovely and a brilliant location for exploring Lower Manhattan, like SoHo, Greenwich, TriBeca, Nolita, Chelsea and Chinatown. After a couple of days exploring we headed back to the airport for another two flights before getting to Mexico!
We flew from JFK to Mexico City, Mexico City to Acapulco, other than the aeroplanes being tiny these flights were all ok too. Except for that moment when you're waiting to collect your baggage and you joke that they've lost your suitcase. Only to release moments later that there aren't anymore suitcases coming out and you don't have yours. Cue panic! After waiting 30 minutes to speak to anyone (not such good customer service) they informed me that my suitcase was still in Mexico City. They took the address of our hotel and said they'd send it on. Fast forward to the next day and finally my suitcase arrived, it was a worrying few hours to say the least and has taught me to put ALL of my valuables into my hand luggage - another tip for you!
The hotel we stayed in in Mexico was the Banyan Tree Cabo Marques, we stayed in a villa with an oceanfront view. This place is stunning, it's positioned on the edge of a cliff with views of the Pacific Ocean. So peaceful and relaxing. Each villa has it's own private pool, I've never swan so much in all my life. Tom was in his element too, he's such a fish! The customer service puts all customer service I've ever experienced before to shame, you don't have to do anything yourself. They have ample staff all around the hotel ready to help you with anything you need. They open doors, menus, put napkins on your lap, get you every drink you could ever imagine - it was holiday bliss! All of the staff couldn't do enough for you. We spent 6 nights there, enough to be completely relaxed, enjoy the surroundings and sneak in a couple of spa treatments.
Back to airport we went for another two flights back to New York - Acapulco to Mexico City, Mexico City to JFK. We flew through the night and landed at 7am into New York, not the best flying times when you've not had a proper nights sleep but luckily our next hotel, CitizenM Time Square had rooms available that we could check into straight away! So lucky. After a freshen up and a couple of hours sleep we headed back out to discover the Times Square area of New York. A much busier area of New York, compared to Little Italy area.
We were then airport bound again, for the final time, flying home via Shannon in Ireland. It was such an incredible trip and one I won't every forget for many reasons. The perfect way to start our married lives together :)

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Helen x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

WEDDING: Pinterest Heaven.

As any Brides or Brides to Be will tell you - Pinterest is FULL of inspiration and ideas for your wedding. It's actually full of inspiration for all aspects of life but we'll focus on weddings today. I used Pinterest a lot throughout this whole wedding planning process and it was the source of a lot of ideas we had at our wedding and ideas we decided against. It's so helpful and that fact that it's free makes it one of the best wedding planning tools you can use! My Pinterest link is here, if you're interested in following me and/or browsing all of the beautiful wedding pictures I've pinned over the past year. You can really get a good feel for our wedding from the 'Wedding Inspiration' board, if you're curious about the style we planned our wedding around...

Everyone brings their favorite picture with the bride or groom. What a lovely idea and totally adaptable.

Signature cocktail sign at reception. Captured By: Adriana Klas Photography --->
A Gown From The Vintage Wedding Dress Company for a French Vintage Inspired Celebration... / wedding / tipi Stunning Tents
James and Jade’s Magical Woodland Wedding by Mark Tierney
46 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas
Vintage Wedding Decor; the blue vases is what makes is
DIY window pane wedding seating chart; For wedding ideas and creative products visit
971028_528058627229404_476737185_n.jpg 427×640 pixels
How to Style your Tipi Wedding or Event | Moodboard Inspiration

Which style wedding would you go for?

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